Sunday, 22 January 2012

Books and Looks

Yesterday was the Thames Valley Contemporary Textiles meeting. A good day where we found out a bit more about each other. some amazing work being done! Good connections happening as we discovered who might be an expert in what we want to know about to accomplish something in our own work.

Kate Findlay showed some work in which she is experimenting with fibre optics. So, cool! I have had some ideas about lights in garments for sometime, but haven't had the time or even perhaps proper reason to focus on working how to start. This may call for a collaboration! Anyway, she has loaned me a book that she found helpful - Fashioning Technology - and passed on the title of another.

On the Been There, Done That table, I spotted a few interesting books. This time I actually had time between running things to have a look. Apart from Kate's book, the others in the photo are now mine! Ideas and Ideas!

And when I came home shattered, I found my thoughtful husband had fixed M'Lady's leg! So, now it won't be such an ordeal to photograph garments. No propping or taping or lying on the floor to get a photo that doesn't include the strange contrivances that are keeping her up.


karen said...

I have a book I think you would love from reading this is a link to it, it is amazing

Sandy said...

Thanks Karen,
That looks like a good one. The other book my friend mentioned was Textile Future: fashion, design, and technology by Bradley Quinn