Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Origami bags

okay a bit of production sewing going on.

These have been edged and the beginning stitches to form the folding for the bags. There are gubbins there for about 21 bags! Good way to reduce the stash. I have reorganised the boxes these fabrics live in so I should be able to look at what is there and get it out to use in the future.

You may realise by now that I revert to chop, chop, sew, sew when things don't seem to be done in a logical manner. I made up the first one according to the directions, but when you fold everything round, the inside pockets were all floppy. So, I have redeveloped the directions so they don't.

Also, I decided I don't want to close them with a drawstring! They look quite smart without. So, I am developing a different closure.

These were made with fat quarters (yards - which should mean 18 in square) - some of which were very badly cut - so skew-wiff that I had to cut 15 in squares. Also, some were fat quarter metres, which made 20in squares. The majority were about 17 or 18 in square.

I do think the drawstring closure might work with a much larger size. These smaller ones just look like a little pouch when gathered up...not very inspirational for working out what to put in them. But if I change it, I can think of quite a few different ideas for what to put inside.

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