Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Toy Run

Speaking of spreading joy...

Sunday was theToy Run. It is a charity run the bikers do for Bernardos. They take a toy and thousands of them go through the streets to the Orphanage. This year our friend Niki and another friend Eric went off to it dressed as Santas.

Niki had also dressed the bike as Rudolph! Even when she left her house in the morning with just the bike dressed, she already was spreading big smiles to everyone who saw it!

Just as they left the church, it started raining!
But they still planned on having a good time!

I wonder if they got in the line up for the Santa photos. This link takes you to a page with a photo of the Santas on the hill at the event. That year my husband went on his bike with Niki. He hasn't got the bike any more.

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