Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Strange sightings at the exhibition

Last Friday, one of the members came to the exhibition and was taking photos. She hadn't been able to come when it was in Slough.

I got her to take my photo.

Can you tell I have at least 5 layers on top and two layers and thick socks on my legs. I was sooo cold! The gallery/studios used to be a nursery, and the door currently still has the automatic lock which kept kids from dashing out behind their mum's back. The Gallery is working as a charity and as they have only recently opened, they have been focussed on getting it looking good. So, changing the door lock will have to come after fixing the boiler! Anyway, because of the door, if you want anyone to come has to be propped open! That and just a space heater in December makes for a rather frigid situation!

While I was sitting stitching on my slow cloth (another link - I haven't worked on it for some time, but it is great when you are minding an exhibition. It seems to have got people wandering from shop to shop stitched into it...) Anyway...I saw something strange. I just managed to pop outdoors and catch this
And later they came back and were talking to someone outside the gallery, so I asked for a photo.
I never knew the AA man had a mascot.

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