Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas 2011 memories

We had a few days in Yorkshire with family.
My sis in law loved her tablecloth set! no photos though.

Spent time with MIL. At 91, she is an Amazing Lady who still does courses thru university and other learning providers in York, even though she doesn't get about so well.

Some photos of things that went with Christmas at home.
A variety of biscuits - which I mentioned in one of the last posts. Including wonderful ones from a recipe Angie at ReOrsa gave me...from Lichtenstein!

2 trees this year. Perhaps to make up for only having lights last year?

No, the little one is what we use for the Mince Pie at the shops event, and my husband decided it needed more than one day out of the loft each year!

The trees are full of little treasures which have been given to me or that I made. For quite a few years I made about 15 new decorations each year.
The crochet afgan was made for me by my grandma who was very special to me.

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