Saturday, 31 December 2011

things I am glad for

My garden at Christmastime.

Yes! The holly has berries!

Daffodils coming already!
Sure prefer it to all the snow!

These bloomed this week.

From bud to fully open

and even a poppy!
The polyanthus has been out for a few weeks. I see the snowdrop leaves are coming, too!

Oh, I love England in the winter!


Celia said...

I'm jealous - I've only got snowdrops, catkins and holly!

Anonymous said...

This greenery and growth is astonishing to me! We won't see a peep of spring until at least May here in the northern Rockies!

Sandy said...

Last year was way too much. We don't have the clothes, heating or coping system here for dealing with that much snow.

I grew up in Maine, and thought I would miss the snow when I came.
Last year I had to go to Maine near Christmas because my dad was ill. I was very delayed getting back home because of the snow that closed off the airport here. By the time I got out of Maine, I was getting afraid I would get stuck there!