Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The right kind of busy

Like most of the rest of you, amongst other things, I have been doing things for Christmas.

Monday, we took down the Exhibition. It took a lot less time to take down! Janet from ReOrsa said we averaged 15 each day we were open. Which is pretty good for the time of year and the weather some of those days.

Today we found out we had a whole page about Whatever Floats Your Boat... in the South East Newsletter for the London 2012 Inspire Programme! They were reporting about the exhibition when it was in Slough and the various events which happened in conjunction with that.
Here is a quote from the newsletter.
"The wonderful news is that the project will now be
continuing its journey. Langley Academy will be taking a
selection of the pieces to exhibit in 2012 alongside
artefacts from the collection of Slough Museum. This will
mean that the project will continue to engage young
people in the local area. The exhibition will also be shown
at the National Needlework Archive in Newbury from 19
September to 26 October, 2012."

After I took some of the work from the exhibit to the car, I took the time to wander round town before I went home. Something I seldom do nowdays. I couldn't seem to think of what I might want to buy! I did find something which I hope fits the general description of one family member's wants. I hadn't found fabric in the market I liked on Friday, but I found a very reduced king size sheet set. Which for all practical purposes is fabric with finished off edges.

Now to figure out where the making part will fit in!

On my way around town, I was drawn by a wonderful sound and ended up at the bandstand. The Swing band of a local school was playing. Very fun! They weren't restricting themselves to Christmas music. So anyway that was a nice break and just a chance for me to stop and enjoy. I finally went off and bought something so I could come back and put some change in their pot...and listen some more of course.
It brought back memories of listening to the band each Christmas when a Certain Lad was still playing his trumpet.

Then, Monday evening it was finishing the parcelling and Tuesday doing the posting. I never manage to send the parcels to America any earlier than the ones to people in the UK! I had expected a long queue, but only one lady was ahead of me.
So, now that they all will soon have their secret presents and I gave the ones for friends on Sunday and neighbours is a photo of one of the sets.

Christmas Tree Serviettes!

Since then I have been baking. and baking. and baking.
The big thing I remember about Christmas from growing up was all the pies and cookies that we ( really - my Mother!) made. So, I always feel that is part of Christmas. Nevermind there were 8 in our family then and there are 3 now! but I am thinking of some people to share them with.

Off to bed. I am shattered. I have realised I have been on my feet nearly all day for the last 3 days. Yikes. I will be paying for it if I am not careful.
EDIT - more serviette photos

These blue ones were made later, but I am putting them here to link to.

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