Saturday, 3 December 2011

Today was a lovely day

Today I went with friends to a Ladies Christmas event. It is something I look forward to each year because it is a way of getting perspective back before heading into all the events of the Christmas season. It is also a lovely time greet ladies I haven't seen for a whole year and to meet new ones. and it was just special to sit round the table with my friends singing the carols and just doing something special together.

then tonight I came across Lyric Kinard's post on Quilt Art about posts she is doing on her blog this month about thinking of others this season. It is really quite inspiring to read the comments from readers seeing what they are doing randomly and sometimes anonymously.

I have added her blog link as a Featured Blog in my sidebar so you can keep up with the ideas easier. What sorts of things can you think of doing for this holiday season?

Next weekend, we are getting involved with something to cheer up shoppers in our local parade of shops. We set up a table with mince pies and Christmas biscuits and a hot drink. Here is a photo from last year.

I am looking forward to it!


lyric said...

Mince pies? I love the idea! Thanks for sharing this wonderful month of service!

Sandy said...

yes, over here one of the main Christmassy thing is small mince pies or fruit pies if you don't like mincemeat, or even little jam tarts. all something you can pick up in your hand and eat.