Thursday, 1 December 2011

Refashion challenge - 6

So, by the last cryptic post, you can tell I finished in the wee hours. As it turned out my husband was away with work, or it never would have got done. Oh, and then I had to get M'Lady, who has a broken leg, to prop up in a space where I wasn't ashamed of the background so she could model the skirt. I had to lay on the floor to do the photograph so I didn't show the propped up broken leg bit!

and then I had to learn how to post a review, which also meant posting the photos here to link to. Phew! but at last it was done. Pepper got fed up around midnight and asked to go to bed.

you can see the review and the other items in the contest here. Scroll down till you get to my skirt - I am Sew Whatever - and click on Read review.

Here is a photo of the inside of the waistband when I started it at the TVoffcuts meeting on Saturday and finished on Tuesday. I couldn't get a piece big enough for a waistband, so cobbled it together.

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