Tuesday, 13 December 2011

onward to Christmas

So, now the last class of the year is past. and I have time to think of doing some of those special things I really want to do. Last year, I had the emergency journey to America, so I really missed it.

Today I have been cutting out half circles...but I won't say why because a few of the recipients of the results read the blog. (even though they don't comment) I just am glad to have some very special friends and I want to make something to say, I am glad you are my friend.

Saturday another member of TVCT looked after the exhibition in the morning. I was really grateful because I was able to join in on the Mince Pie event at the Birch Hill shops.

It was really great to meet more of the community. and they seemed to enjoy the hot drink and a mince pie or biscuit. and of course our friend Eric trying to convince everyone to have a balloon, regardless of age!

On Sunday we had our Candlelight Carol service. That was lovely, too. I am grateful we had the rain chucking it down rather than it being snow like the last 2 years!

and continuing with the joy in service thing...last night I took fruit juice and nibbles to class. It is just a way of saying. I appreciate you being my students!

What have you been doing along these lines?

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