Sunday, 30 May 2010

Not lost!

Well, I haven't got lost. Just very busy. Last week I was scheduled to teach 5 times. This included a session with the children this morning where we used "homemade" instruments and worked out how to play them with rhythm. We also made up our own song!

This afternoon many of us from the church went for a picnic and a walk...and a water balloon game!
I have also been doing this.

Bits and Pieces
fusing, chopping, layering, fusing, chopping, layering, etc. I have the layout about the way I want. Now to do some interesting things to it. The sample in the middle is one idea.
I really needed to stop and focus on getting at least one of my upcoming deadlines past start! I have spent Many hours on this but for me it is "easier" than patchwork. :-)

On Friday, I started a weekly private Free Machine Embroidery session with some ladies who came to my house. It was great to teach something a bit more spontaneous than C+G! I was pleased with the progress they made, too. After getting tensions right on their machines, they were drawing trees and little dancing men! We moved onto drawing patterns onto fabric with blocks of I did here.

Next week we move on to "Colouring in" and bobbin work. I must remember to get photos next time!

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