Tuesday, 18 May 2010


(Sorry for just words, Blogger doesn't want my photos today. I will try to edit this post tomorrow to put them in.) With photos!

I want to get started on one of my entries for the Festival Of Quilts this summer. I am needing a background that will work to create a night scene, and it needs to be a bit bigger than most of what I have on hand.

I had a look at the fabrics that resulted from the snowdyeing. One blue piece might work, but there are large light spaces on it. So, as I had to do a bit of running around today, I decided to overdye that piece.

I have been reading about something called parfait dyeing, which is basically a variation of low water immersion dyeing. Fabrics and dyes are alternately placed in a jar. In the versions I have seen, lighter dyes are at the bottom and darker at the top. The dyes at the top seep through and touch portions of the lower fabrics. It is pretty amazing.

So, I thought that might work for this fabric. However, as it is already blue, I really only want to add darker portions. So, I have layered with blue, black and purple dye. (left from another project) To fill the jar and get the tight crumples which will give the best patterning, I also added the green piece and the scarlet piece. They both need a bit of dimension to them to make them a bit more exciting.

So, here is the test...blue dye, green fabric, black dye, blue fabric,rest of blue dye and black dye, scarlet fabric, purple and black dye.
Looking forward to see what will happen tomorrow!

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sandra wyman said...

I am so glad I'm not the only one who still hasn't started her FOQ entry! Look forward to seeing the results of the dyeing