Sunday, 2 May 2010


Yesterday I got the zips for the other 2 skirts in. Boring in progress photo at present, as I haven't finished off the waists yet. I put a lining in the red skirt, but didn't take time for the pressing and so on. I should be able to get to that tomorrow. (If I can, I like to use zips slightly longer than needed...then you don't have to try to sew round the zip pull.)

I had the option of using a basic skirt lining fabric, but this cherry red poly crepe de chin was in the lining box and I decided it feels much more luxurious! I love the weight of it too. I hate it when the basic type lining just does the slidey thing. I do like the ambience/bamberg type of linings, but I don't have any, and as you guess, I usually work with what I have if I can, rather than going out and buying something on purpose. I think I will like the feel of this round my legs when I walk! (grin) I will probably have to attach it to the skirt at the side seams with more than one set of french tacks, though. You don't want to attach it firmly, as you don't want it to pull the skirt in odd ways, but I am not sure if the drape of it might make it catch round my legs, too much.

Anyway, I will keep you posted when I first wear it and let you know if it was a good choice. I like to have linings of interest. Either in colour, print or luxury feel. It is like a secret! LOL

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