Wednesday, 12 May 2010

white linen jacket

Since I got the overlocker to work, the potential of making garments quickly is finally there. Yes, I can make garments that take time and care, but that means I don't actually have many, because of all the other things I am doing.

So, since I got the green skirt and trouser cut out, I was going to stitch it up on the overlocker. And then, since it had white thread, I decided to go ahead and cut out white rough spun linen for a summer jacket that I had hope to cut out some time ago. I used the jacket pattern I already had from the jacket I made for City and Guilds. So, the cutting went quickly today. and so did the sewing up. while I was waiting for dinner to cook.
And here it is ready for several finishing off details. I had thought to have it unlined, but when I tried it on over a short sleeve top, I realised the rough linen was a bit too scratchy. I have some habotai silk I might cut for a lining. I may put in some pockets as well. Maybe next week though, as I need to get back to some of the other responsibilities I am doing.

I will change the overlocker thread and work on the green skirt and trouser. After all this time of having ideas for smart clothes and even fabric for them, it is really great to get some made! Then I can get rid of some of the things I have worn too long.

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