Thursday, 13 May 2010

Comment verification

I am sorry to say I have had to enable comment verification because of some spammer taking over with comments written with oriental characters. Because I have the comments come to my email, I am aware which ones were affected and have been able to delete the comment.

I enabled comment moderation for over 14 days, but if the spammer continues with current posts, then I will have to put that on for all new posts, too.

 Sorry to have to put you through extra hoops. Sometimes I find that comment verification doesn't work the first time you try. Do continue to leave appropriate comments, though, I do appreciate them. If it doesn't work first time just try again. Sometimes it takes me 3 goes on some blogs.

And to leave with good news. The college asked for a photo of Ancient and Wise Dragon to put on the leaflet for the Reading Arts week!

Back to marking student samples.
drafting samples
colour samples

skirt design ideas


Celia said...

I've had those as well - and I'm afraid they keep coming back, although with a different name.

Just recently I've had comments in English with a vague phrase, recommending links which appear to be German florists!

I always moderate comments - it doesn't take long and better safe than sorry!

Elizabeth said...

I had to add comment verification to mine as well for all new comments. It was obvious that there were links embedded in the oriental characters.