Thursday, 6 May 2010

blue linen skirt

I had a few moments this evening to cut out a lining for the blue linen skirt. I wasn't sure if I wanted one til I started sewing it. The weave is just a bit too loose for the skirt to retain its shape well.

Linings not only help to give substance to lightweight skirts or to keep the light from shining though. One of the best reasons is to take the strain when sitting, so the fabric doesn't stretch out of shape. This sort of thing happens especially at the is often referred to "seating". In trousers it happens at the knee.

Because this skirt is A-line with a bit of flare, I chose to use a basic sort of lining. The weight of a crepe de chin would mean the lining would make the skirt hang awkwardly. This lining has enough stiffness to support the weave of the fabric. Rather than attaching the lining in such a way to hang seperately, as I did with the red skirt, I may enclose the bottom into the hem, so it moves as one with the skirt fabric.

I hope to sew up the seams tomorrow, and possibly begin to attach it to the skirt, but it will depend on how many more pattern drafting folders I get marked.

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