Thursday, 20 May 2010

overdye results

So, I am not impressed with the results of my overdye attempt. especially the splotches of purple, which seems to be the only change. :-(

and the black paperlike fabric I want to use to over lay the piece to create the night scene is not quite big enough. :-(

and the place where I bought it has not got any more, nor are they carrying the product after they sell what they have. I have bought more of the types they did have for my stash, which was not part of the plan. :-(

And, I have spent all day filling in forms for my entry and EquilARTeral's entry for Reading Arts Week. (I hate forms). I also spent all day yesterday sorting plans for the Contemporary Coffee Morning I am to organise for FOQ. I do like to organise, I don't the process of writing out plans in such a way so as someone else can work out what I have in mind. (Perhaps, as is being currently discussed on the QA list, I need a manager...or at least a secretary. But you have to have some sort of income to pay one.) :-p

SO, I am doing diversionary things like cutting out the lining for the white jacket. :-) 
and playing mahjong titons on the computer. :-}

which means I have still not started the FOQ piece. :-O

But tomorrow is another day.

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sandra wyman said...

Do not worry Sandy - we will get there in the end. I am getting so much done on other things avoiding getting down to the nitty gritty of making my FOQ entry!