Saturday, 15 May 2010

Featured Blog

This Featured Blog is a bit different in that it was only set up for a year. However, Jane Dunnewold's blog, Daily Visuals has inspired several others (including some I have featured) to take daily photos for inspiration.

As Jane says, "On November 10, 2008, I committed to a year-long photo-journaling practice. As an artist, I believe it is valuable to spend time every day looking at the world around me. To this end, I committed to posting a daily photograph and a few thoughts when applicable - on color, design, spirit and making. While this is primarily a witness to processes that help me go deeper into my own art-making, it is also a practice worth sharing."

So, while you have a few spare moments over the Easter break, go and see the sorts of things Jane has found to be of visual interest. Some of the photos were so popular, Jane is offering prints of them on her website. The website, Art Cloth Studios, also has quite a few other items of interest, so it is worth going over to have a look at. The tutorials about art cloth are very helpful.

As you may know, Jane wrote the surface design book, Complex Cloth. She also collaborated with Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan here in the UK, from Committed to Cloth, to produce Finding your own Visual Language and Paper and Metal Leaf Lamination.

Jane has a new book coming soon called Art Cloth: A Guide to Surface Design for Fabric . You can find out a bit more about the books here.

And for my own bit of visual interest today?
A fascinating pattern on the staircase at the British Museum. I think it is patterning in the marble.

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