Friday, 12 March 2010

supplies vs getting stuff made

Some days I feel like I didn't accomplish any work. However, I forget to take into account the fact that paperwork goes with life and one must go to town once in a while, even though I would rather work in my studio.

So, today I did do something...booked hotel and train for going to the Sewing for Pleasure show at the NEC at the end of the month, where I will be helping with the Contemporary Quilt exhibit there. I don't like doing that sort of thing, and it took me all morning.

Went to town to the market (Bracknell market is only Fri and Sat.)to try to find:
- a dog fabric panel (to live in the dog house at the back of the Wendy house) at Lady Sew and Sew from Marlow, who do a stand in the dogs today...ring the shop and maybe next week. (I don't plan to go to town 2 weeks in a row!)
also looking for:
- Piping cord, for more ideas I am having for corded work like I have done in the past
- job lot bag of buttons, for a workshop in April
- and iron cleaner, because regardless of trying very hard, the recent bout of fusing things has meant my iron got mucked up
from Sew Divine sewing machines and haberdashery from Reading who also do a stall in our market. Yes on piping cord and come next week for buttons and iron cleaner. (well I will go to town next week if I must).
- Tissue paper from the "cheapy cheap" shop. (for a workshop at the end of this month)
piping cord and tissue paper

- And trainers from Tesco, since mine have a hole and are too dirty to look nice.

Because I have problems with my feet, I can't wear my good shoes for the whole 2 1/2 hours I am standing teaching. Finding decent trainers is difficult since I wear 4 1/2 and even proper shops don't seem to do half sizes in trainers. I don't like paying loads since they still end up having some issue that hurts my feet, and there are not usually any better choices for colour. Well, today I found a pair for £5! The girls size 4 had more room in the toe, so they will do, even though they are white with a bit more sparkly pink than the ladies white with pink. (big choice! LOL) and since I want to do a bit of walking if it ever gets warm, I thought I better look at black (none in ladies sizes) so as to change and change about to avoid having problems with my feet. No black for girls (what do girls who don't do pink wear?) but I found some size 5 boys for £9 that work.

And you wonder why I would rather be in my studio making something?

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