Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Art foundation course exhibit

Today I went in to London to see the exhibition of the Art Foundation students at City Lit. My good friend Margaret Cooter (one of the bloggers under Featured Blogs in my sidebar) has been busily working on the course, and I wanted to see in person the fascinating things she has been making. This term she has been working with ceramics.

Margaret has been exploring the idea of things in dreams, like under stairs and wonky stairs, etc. If you want to see a bit more of the journey process and more of the bits and pieces she has made in the process, you can go to the blog and read through her posts about it.

Here are some photos of what she developed for the exhibition.
The whole piece
wonky steps leading to a dangerous ladder
which leads a long way up
to a virtual forest of wonky steps.

It is quite amazing. You can really see the work and thought she put into it. And as she says on her blog, some of her rooms with scary bits are also on display downstairs in one of the glass cases.

Well Done, Margaret! I hope you find that the visitors all respond well to the work. (I did overhear the head of college telling some other "important-looking person" how good her exhibit was. They seemed to be very impressed with the obvious thought and work that has gone into it. Quite right, too!)

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