Friday, 26 March 2010

Staffordshire Hoard project

While I was in London (at City Lit seeing Margaret's exhibition), I was not too far from the British Museum. They have a few pieces from the Staffordshire Hoard on display til mid April, so I thought I would go and have a look in person.

The photos in the booklet and on the website are stunning. I knew it was macro photography, but I didn't realise the pieces were quite as small as they are! They were rather hard to view because there were skylights above them which reflected off the glass. Even harder to photograph, but I wanted some of my own images to take home as a reminder of what I had actually seen.

Here are some of the better photos. Some are zoomed in after I got them on the camera. You can tell how small because you can compare them to the weave of the fabric they were laying on!
Love the button!
The garnets inlaid into the filigree are so tiny.
You really admire the workman who made it!
an example of less geometric filigree.
I think they said this piece would have had garnets as well, but they have fallen out.
tiny eagle head
You may recall that our EquilARTeral group has a challenge in response to the finding of the hoard. We were very pleased to hear that enough money has been raised to keep the hoard in the country. Now to raise money to have it cleaned and preserved.

I am off to the Sewing for Pleasure show today at the NEC in Birmingham. I am going stay over to help with the Contemporary Quilt exhibit on Saturday. When I return, I shall let you know what I discover while there! I have set a Featured Blog post for while I am away.


Pat said...

Wow Sandy what kind of camera do you have? My photographs aren't a patch on these but thanks for altering me to the fact they were on show. Lovely to meet you. Hope you enjoy the NEC.

Sandy said...

Hi Pat,
I have a Cannon power shot A540. It is digital. You don't want to know how many photos I didn't show! LOL

It was hard to tell if you got good photos because of the light reflected from the skylight...even onto your viewing bit of the camera.

What I did was put the camera above the bit I wanted to photograph or angle it to get away from having the reflection. I had it on the macro setting - no flash. Then I just took photos, glanced at the result to see if it was somewhat clear.

Then at home, when I uploaded them from the camera. I opened them in my photo programme...paint shop pro. I cropped right up to the little piece or group, which actually means that it zooms in even further. In some photos, I also adjusted the sharpness.

I wanted a photo of the piece under the magnifying glass, but everything was very fuzzy.

It is all a bit of a lottery, as I don't know much about photography, I just hope for the best!

Maybe you can crop and sharpen your images, or what ever they need.
Take care,