Saturday, 6 March 2010

out and about

Today I went to visit at the Region 7 meeting day. Joan Fisher, the organiser, invited me to come and see how their meeting goes. She has asked me to come speak about the Bernina Garments in October.

The room today was absolutely packed full of ladies... which was a bit daunting to think of speaking! but it was good to see how the 2 different ladies managed their talks. What to do...What not to do!

I was interested in the talk about the children's author, Lucy Boston, who wrote the Children of Green Knowe series of books. It was her daughter-in-law who gave the talk. Apparently Lucy did alot of patchwork and is also known for that. I had read one of the books some time ago, and wanted to find the rest. Diane Boston had the books with her today, so I picked them up! I may go visit the home sometime, especially after I read the book, because it seems alot of what happened in the books actually relates to what is in the home.

The afternoon speaker was Brenda Boardman. I was glad to have been able to be there for her talk. Besides giving me ideas of how I might manage my own talk, I found the subject matter very appealing. Brenda works with print making and has been using Lutrador as her base. I had seen a few things that could be done with Lutrador, and had some ideas I want to follow to incorporate it into a garment. However, today with seeing Brenda's samples and also seeing a demonstration of how she works with it, I feel I have a bit more confidence to follow my ideas through.
Here is a glimpse of some of the wall hangings Brenda brought with her.

I found it interesting that some of Brenda's training had to do with dress making. She had brought her sketchbooks, since the actual talk had to do with capturing your ideas and expanding on them. I got to look through the sketch book with her ideas for printing fabric for garments. I took a few photos to show my students to give them some ideas for displaying their own design work.

If Brenda's workshops weren't all the way up in Northamptonshire, I would consider doing the 10 week course!

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