Saturday, 20 March 2010

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I'd like to intorduce you to another blog. Art, Quilts, and cogitations thereon is becoming a place to go to for quilt artists to stop, think and consider various aspects of making art quilts. Elizabeth Barton discusses topics such as composition, making and selling, and showing your work.

Elizabeth, originally from England, often works in a series. Subject matter is generally architectural landscapes, ranging from her native York to ruins of industrial factories and mills near where she lives now in America.

Although she often uses her own work as examples of the topic she is discussing, Elizabeth also has a website, where her work can be seen better. or you can go to the Festival of Quilts in Birminham this summer and meet her! Within moments of the tickets for classes becoming available, Elizabeth's masterclass was fully booked. You can read about the exhibition she will have at the Festival of Quilts from this pdf download from Twisted Threads.

I haven't got to the place where I can fully comprehend all the matters of discussion at Art, Quilts, and cogitations thereon, but I do appreciate her willingness to share her ideas. I think I am still cogitating and by no means do I feel that I have anything that really relates to what Elizabeth says and does.

But, just to connect slightly, here is a photo of the only piece I have done that is somewhat architecturally related. Maybe it is time to look at all these archictectural photos I have taken and actually do something with them.

This is Ratna's Limited version of the inside view of an Indonesian jail, where Ratna and her 2 friends (one a doctor) were held for 2 years away from their families with threat of death. All because they were teaching muslim children, at the request of their families, in their school.

I used a corded pintuck technique to make the bamboo print more realistic. Through the window, you can see the guard and shadows representing the children of the ladies.

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