Sunday, 21 February 2010


This Monday, the topic for the C+G class is drafting trousers. So, I tried on my last attempt at getting this right for myself, and made some changes.

This trial in brown linen will work well enough for a pair of shorts come summer...if I finish them off. Most of my trouser trials get to this point and then live on a hanger on the cupboard door in their unfinished state. I have been researching fitting adjustments for trousers ahead of the fitting session for next Monday, just to remind myself of what to try. I have seen some ideas which I might try to get my pattern one more step to wearable. I am happy with the fit on the upper part, but don't like the fact that the legs are so big. I feel it doesn't work on me with being short.

I do think it is easier to see how to help someone else with fitting adjustments than helping yourself. anything you do to twist round and see or to twist round and pin, etc messes up something else!

Now you know why I like to make skirts!

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