Saturday, 20 February 2010

fun night

Each year at our church we have a family fun night around pancake night. Pancake night was on Tuesday, but as we meet in the community centre, we usually do something on a Saturday instead.

So, my husband and some of the others made a big pile of pancakes each, and we had a great evening. My husband also thought up a lot of fun games which could be played by a wide range of people.

Here is a photo of him counting "rubbish". This was one of the games. We were being "naughty neighbours" and only had so much time to try to get the rubbish in the other person's garden. The team with the least amount at the end, won.

We also had to build a tall structure using spagetti and marshmallows!

We all had a good time together. and had some delicious pancakes.

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Pat said...

This sounds like good old fashioned fun. Love the dragon above too. Thank you for your comment.