Monday, 15 February 2010

Inspiration Monday

i found the fairy lighting shop,
when the day was dull and bleak.
i saw a good selection there,
the design both straight and sleek.
the stem is firm, quite like a staff,
and lantern-like, their lights.
I'll place one near my garden path
to welcome young Spring nights.
sandy snowden


The Magic Onions said...

Oh Sandy! How lovely!! I have just showed K your fairy lights and she wants to go out for a walk right now to find some here. Inspiration indeed! Amazing how a little suggestion can spark a world of imagination - thank you!
Blessings and magic,

Sandy said...

Hi Donni,
I never saw Snowdrops in America, but I am sure she can find something that will work just as well!

You can send a photo for me to post when you do!
Take care,

The Magic Onions said...

Hi Sandy, I have a similar post for today and thought so linked to this post... hope you don't mind.
Blessings and magic,

Sandy said...

That's great! Thanks!

softearthart said...

A lovely little poem, cheers and great photos. Marie

Anna said...

A lovely poem. Love the flowers as well -- could do with a bit of spring about now.

Jil Casey said...

Delicate flowers and a lovely poem