Thursday, 11 February 2010


When it comes to a Private View with an artist talk in a museum, thoughts turn to what to wear.
I don't feel as though I want to dress posh, but I do want to dress slightly interestingly. Maybe I will look out of place, I don't know.

I went to the open evening for the event at the Barbican in London some years back. (It was an exhibit about the history and development of Computer Games. I was asked to make a large bird costume by description alone, which I later learned was a character in a computer game.) anyway, I made myself a posh waistcoat. My friend and I went along and then discovered the rest were in jeans and t-shirts! We felt like we really stuck out. Well, I should have known, my husband is a computer type.

So, back to what to wear tonight... a month or so ago I freshened up the paint on my jeans skirt. So, I thought, that would be interesting and say artist in a way. I put on a fuschia stretch top, which picks up some of the pink, and then I am wearing a chunky white zip cardigan over that. After I got dressed this morning, I thought, what I need to finish it is a funky sort of necklace. So, I dug out bits and bobs I have collected along the way.

Here is the result.

It is made of flat glass beads between cord wrapped bauble type beads, all threaded onto a silver cord which has 4 colours of crochet cotton plaited around it. I used an idea from a necklace I have from Ethiopia,in which they have finished the ends with a large hook and eye...very functional when you haven't got necklace findings. The silver cord picks up the silver in the braid  wrapping the large beads. It all works quite well together with the mixture of textures.

I think the various colours of blue picks up some of the colours in the skirt and balances colour of the fucshia pink top.

And all together, it will give me the feeling that it is just enough difference to say "She's a textile artist." without making me feel conspicuous.

I hope.
Later: The silver cord scratches. But it did work for a confidence boost. :)

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