Tuesday, 16 February 2010

another dragon! - 3

Okay, this dragon is giving me a very hard time. He is taking me alot of time in small bursts to get all the puckering into submission. I had to trapunto him severly!

I have not won completely yet. He needs a bit of blocking so I can finish trimming the left side.

in technical terms, I think
a-the yellow silk on the dragon claw that I thread painted and then quilted had more give than the cotton lawn this one is stitched to. Therefore, it was easier to manipulate. The backing was a looser weave as well.
b -I like the shine of the silk better than the cotton to go with dragons, but I don't have it in a reddish colour like this.
c- it is not wise to try to work on something like this when your black dog is shedding fine fluffy hairs everywhere. You discover that your cardigan or fleece sheds while you are working. So you have to have masking tape there at all times lest you quilt a fine black dog hair into the work. YIKES. I even put the fleece in the dryer to reduce the problem, but I forgot and petted her again later.

All this and email conversations about something else I said yes to means it is very late.

I expect all the troubles are because this is a very illusive type of dragon. I have discovered what kind he is and will tell you the story tomorrow...if I get it to edging and completion stage.

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Karen S said...

I have the same dog hair problems -- I am trying to use them as an artistic element...LOL

I really like the threads you're using on the dragon.