Wednesday, 17 February 2010

another dragon! - 4

The dragon being blocked.

The dragon with a bit of finishing. I still need to stitch the binding in back, so some of the wobbly effect will stop when the pins come out.

Background -
Because this dragon is related to the Lightning Dragon I did on the Bernina Garment - The Epic Quest of the Last Dragoness - I started trying to think what green dragon on a red background would also be seen in the sky. Then I realised that this is what people are seeing when they see the "green flash at sunset" phenomenom! So, this is The Green Flash Dragon...a rare dragon, only seen when the conditions are right. You can read about the scientific explanation here.

and the story?

The ship's boy looked out over the railing to the end of the sea. He'd been told it would be lucky if he saw the Green Flash at Sunset...and if he saw it, he should make a wish.

He was just about to turn away thinking it wouldn't be tonight...
but Wait!

There it was! The green flash in the centre of the setting sun!

Quickly he made a wish and then it was gone.

With a grin spread right across his face, he headed to his hammock. He had to be up very early in the morning to help the cook.

That night, while the ship's boy slept, he started to feel an uncomfortable prickle of sorts in his side. He wiggled round a bit, used to ignoring disturbances as the sailors changed watch. Finally, though, he came awake sleepily and put his hand down to see what was prickling him.

To his utter amazement, he thought he touched something scaley. He quickly pulled his hand back.

It was very dark below decks, but he looked to see what it was...

There was some sort of greenish glow!

He rubbed his eyes and looked again.

It was still there!

He reached out and touched the prickly, scaley thing. As he did, the thing moved up his body, closer to his face. His eyes began to make out just what it was.

It was the most beautiful dragon he had ever thought to see.

And then he heard a very musical voice in his head. "I'm the Green Flash Dragon. I am here to answer your wish."

And what do YOU think the rest of the story will be?

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