Friday, 19 February 2010

Featured Blog

I haven't done a Featured Blog for some time, but there are several blogs I keep track of that I haven't added to the side bar.

One of those blogs is that of Celia Darbyshire, whose blog is called Cheshire Cheese.

Celia regularly posts images of the samples she made when doing C+G Embroidery. She is now doing the Stitched Textiles programme. I find it interesting to see how she interprets her ideas into a variety of contemporary embroidery designs.

If you want to get encouragement to do bits and pieces with your ideas, I would suggest checking out the Cheshire Cheese blog. Celia often visits exhibitions of textile art and embroidery, so I hope you will also find her comments about those visits of interest.

And to link with interests of my own, here is a photo from a page in my design research project I did on the Tudors. You may recognise this as a starting place for alot of the corded work I have done. It was also a starting place for the ideas which I developed to design the rust dyed skirt for which I won the award at Festival of Quilts in 2006.

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Celia said...

Thank you - for featuring my blog!