Monday, 5 October 2015

Stitch on It 8-12

I am taking part in Take a Stitch Tuesday from Sharon Boggon's blog. Taking up the challenge to do something more with a stich, I am embroidering these stitches onto paper.

Chain Stitch


Running Stitch

Whipped Wheel

This also includes woven wheel and twined wheel

Barred Chain

The Barred Chain also gave the option for Alternate Barred Chain, which I wanted to do round the circle of barred chain on this sample. I will try that and post with the next set. It took me over a half a circle to get the technique down. The thread is hand quilting cotton, so is very stiff, which didn't help with the definition of the barred bits. So, I may try a different thread.


sharonb said...

The whipped wheels look interesting and fun on paper

Sandy said...

Thanks Sharon,
This is handmade paper I was given, so it was a bit difficult to keep from getting the fibres of the paper caught in the stitching.