Saturday, 3 October 2015


Taking it a bit easy the past few days after having done a bit too much.

I have been trying to come up with a way to do a tassel for the daily bead project.
This was my inspiration - in amongst a lot of bead things given to me.

So, at first I thought I would turn some of these, which I have been collecting...
into some of these.
But too much time and I was not happy with the construction. Too much of a mess in the inside of the cube.

Then someone gave me some little wooden beads.

And I had a go at that.
So, good to this point. Just a few changes I would make.

And I had another go. (They are very small.)

But just getting it to this point was, again, too much time. It would work if I were doing one a week, but not one a day.

So, plan B.
In the summer at the Festival of Quilts, there was a trader from the Netherlands who had loads of charms at reasonable prices. Wow! What to choose?
I only had so much money though, and buying 30+ does add up.
They were sold by the weight, so I found these little hearts.
I wasn't sure what they wanted to be, but I knew I would find the right time and something to do with them.
So, I have been able to develop a tassel-like 'item' using some of my fancier beads.

And you can see them in tomorrow's bead post!

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