Monday, 26 October 2015


The last few days I have been baking bread...all shapes and types. Oat bread, French bread, Rye bread, Buckwheat, Seeded, and A few French bread rolls.

And with those and fruit and veg brought in by friends to church yesterday, they made a lovely display.
I forgot the camera, but this photo was taken by my friend Pat. My friend Jan made the wonderful arrangement on the right.

I love how the different colours when put together become even more glorious! It makes you appreciate how much we actually have.

We have been collecting to help some of the people who have chosen to continue to live in Syria and Iraq in spite of what they have been through. Staying to help the ones who don't have the money or ability to flee.

We saw a clip of them and how grateful for what they do have, in spite of being in a bombed out building or having to source food and water in risky conditions.

I wish I could collect the lot on the table above and take to them...

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