Saturday, 24 October 2015

Something on Saturday

Recently my husband was doing a late gathering in his allotment.
I thought the pattern of the seed was interesting.

I roasted this Patty Pan squash after peeling the thin hard layer of skin off. I left the seeds in.

I have decided:

1 - you can eat toasted pumpkin seeds, why not squash seeds?
2 - the seeds get cooked enough so they are munchable when you roast the squash ( till they are soft and squidgy in butter - yum!)
3 - it means less waste and less time spent
4 - it turns out quite yummy, even if it gives you a moment chewing time when you eat!
Call it texture to balance the soft squishy flesh of the squash.

Maybe I have watched too many cooking shows. But it convinces the men who might have objected otherwise.

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