Thursday, 22 October 2015

interesting fabric

The fabric I am using for the next piece is pretty interesting. It is a viscose rayon I picked up when some of my friends were off-loading fabric quite a long time ago.

Every now and then I have got it out of the cupboard to see if it wants to become something, but it is so distinct, and not the colours I would wear, that it always went back in the cupboard. Even though I had decided some time ago to use the back.

And now it is time. I want to do a piece about the refugee situation and people fleeing persecution. If you have followed my blog for long, you know that is deep on my heart. And even more so now that large numbers of people are leaving the place of their birth to just get away from what is happening.

So I am taking the 'fence' along the bottom as a clue. Still feeling my way on this, so you will have to hold on for details.

Normally when you look at the front of the fabric you see large white bits and then suddenly when I was taking photos for the blog, I saw buildings in a cluster amongst the snow! So, who knows, the front might get used, too. (This is 1 repeat of several in the length.)
And normally when I look at the back, I see these mountains, but again I see more in it with the photo! So, this might help with deciding how to depict a variety of ideas.
Maybe when my friend sees it on the blog she can tell me more about where she got it and if there is a story to it.

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365 Dresses said...

This fabric really speaks to me! I saw pine trees and fences immediately---then the houses, and mountains. Perhaps the next in the hillages series?