Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Making progress

Photos of some of the events so far on the piece about refugees.

Looking at the 2 sides of the fabric to be used with rust dyed fabric.

I wish I could get a photo of what this fabric actually looks like. It is only in the photos that you can see the farm scene. The rest of the time it just looks very abstract!

Pinning to death
I opted to just have the viscose fabric and the rust dyed muslin fabric. However, both have a lot of give in them. So, I tried pinning to death.
Only that didn't keep it firm, just meant my hands were being poked to death!

So, I have tried several options and finally came up with a solution which means I am actually done with the bit above the fence. I got out a large embroidery hoop I had wrapped with seam tape. It wasn't as hard to get it under the foot as I thought, and is keeping things in place.
However, since I am going by the scene on the fabric (using the back of the fabric) it is Very Hard to see the stitching on the black! So, at present I have an angle poise lamp at the back and a little portable LED somewhat pose-able lamp blue tacked to the front. It is hanging down from the top pointing in at the sewing area!

And the texture on the back.
So, the rust fabric is sometimes causing tension issues. and with the fact that I cannot always tell where I am going...
Well, I am calling the result on the back 'texture'. I have chosen to embrace it. I wanted this to be double sided. So, when I get to the point where the stitching is done, I will work the back with some large black embroidery stitches! Like large x marks where I sewed too long in one place, and so on. I am going to use the opportunity to continue to tell the story on the back as well.

Or so that is the plan at the moment!

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