Wednesday, 4 February 2015

this is the one where you are meant to feel sorry for me.

yesterday was about the photos - best photos from my husband's new android tablet
and the form - not the easiest I have ever filled out. CD's of photos. Printed photo. 20cmx20cm Sample of the work/techniques used. 2 pages of entry form. and ...

Today was about getting the money for the entry. Simple...go to local PO to buy €25.
...but they only get sent €20 notes.

rush home to get a lift to Sainsbury in our car from A Certain Young Man (who was using it to go to uni).
Wait for the Sainsbury Travel money lady to use the time switch on the safe to get the €5s out (I think she said she forgot?).

While I am here, pick up some bread flour, a tin of beans, block of cheese...

Walk the 45 min back (regretting having to carry shopping which included bags of bread flour!).
Stop at Post Office. Sort out Euros into packet with the rest.

And the entry is off!

Go home
Grab some breakfast (11:45am)
Then tidy studio a bit for a friend to come at 1pm to discuss the future TVCT exhibition.

So, now I might actually NOT do anything for a while. Or even go have a kip.

If it gets in, it gets in. If it doesn't...Oh well.


365 Dresses said...

And I do feel sorry for you! These are the kinds of frustrations that really get you down. Glad the entry got off successfully and wish you the best of luck with it! (Personally, I'm pretty sure you'll get in!)

Maggi said...

What a performance. Glad that you got it off safely in the end. Good luck.

Sandy said...

Thanks for the encouragement!

Susan Lenz said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog ... and I definitely relate to the whirlwind of activity associated with the attempt to enter and exhibition. Hope you are successful and also love, love, love the beads you are making!