Friday, 13 February 2015

Stitched Trees - 3

Oh yes, how long did it take to make the tree part I showed you yesterday? Several wonderful drawing-with-the-machine hours!

The thread on top is Thread Studio's Victory variegated thread Middle Earth.

I used different random green threads from my stash for the bobbin thread. Fill bobbins, use bobbins. fill more bobbins with next random green. (It takes a lot of thread.)

So, the next part of the experiment is to see how the water soluble fabric dissolves. I trimmed the excess from around the stitching first.

I was pleasantly surprised that the visible ws fabric dissolved straight away.
This photo was taken after the work had just been dipped into scrunching and swishing.

I left it to soak, and after popping out to the shops, I pulled it out and rolled it in a towel to get out the excess water.
Then I pinned it to the foam core to block it.

I am very pleased that the piece was so well contained. Nothing floating about unconnected. I am not worried about some of the fringes at the edge, because I will anchor it to a background with stitch.

You can see in the top photo, that I had stitched a grid of sorts...somewhat organic arcs instead of your normal grid... because I wasn't sure what was needed to hold it together. I didn't want obvious squares in the lacy part.
I don't know yet whether I will want to go in and trim the fine lines away. It will depend on what it looks like on the background. At this point I am leaning towards leaving them.

Tomorrow, the trunk of the tree.

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