Thursday, 12 February 2015

Stitched Trees - 2

Okay, yesterday was a bit too nostalgic. But you can see the interest in trees!

As well as the Journal Quilt theme, I have also been thinking about trying a cold water soluble fabric which is sturdy enough to make stand alone thread pieces. I saw a video on-line where the artist (Meredith Woolnough) used this type of water soluble for her lace-like images of items in nature.

I was impressed about the way the w.s. fabric could be worked so intensely without ripping. I also like the way it behaves like... fabric! I don't get on well with the plasticy stuff.
And because you can dissolve it in cold/lukewarm water, it should be easier to work with at that stage and kinder on the thread than boiling water.

To add to the way the thoughts were piling up towards the tree theme is this...
There is a small group of us online who are following prompts to work up a piece in A4 size every 2 months.
I am using it as a way to work out ideas for larger work or continuing ideas for some of my series. You saw my Cycling piece and the Refugees piece.

A4 is just a bit smaller than 12 inches and around 2 inches wider than the 12x6in size for this year's Journal Quilts with Contemporary Quilt. I figure I can make up the A4 a smidge taller, and then trim it to 12x6. You don't get in trouble if the size is not spot on!

Or that is the cunning plan. The A4 group prompt this time is Into the Woods. So, it all begins to shape itself into a plan.

Here I have begun to do the stitching on the water soluble fabric, or fleece as it is sometimes called.

At the Knitting and Stitching Show, I bought a bit of this water soluble fabric from 3 different vendors. I decided to try each one to see if there was any noticeable difference.

This first tree is being stitched onto the w.s. fabric from Empress Mills. The others have the price on it, but it is sold as a specific amount in a packet. Empress Mills sells it as yardage. Solufleece - £3.90 a metre. I see already that it is the same maker as one of the others, but I will have to work out the cost differences.

Here is the leafy section of the tree pretty much complete.
This is also a little experiment in abstracting trees somewhat. I am pleased with this one. I wasn't sure where to begin when I sat down to stitch. I hadn't looked back at Meredith Woolnough's work til I was writing this. So, I started going round the edge, then found I wanted to do branches. So, I have ended up with a bit of both.

Now I have to get brave enough to dissolve the fabric. I think I will do that before I stitch the trunk of the tree. Then I can see if there is anything I should do differently.

So, this will be somewhat of an experimental journey, but should also give me confidence to use the water soluble for other things. ...

(Dragons? Of course not! Don't be silly....

Well, yeah.)

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