Wednesday, 25 February 2015

JQ 2015 - Cypress 2

The top of the Cypress is done.

I may have to attach a bit of the water soluble trimmings from the last tree to the bottom of this so I can work the trunk. I thought I would do the whole tree in one, but didn't think about fitting the whole into the hoop.

You can see that there is a bit of buckling from being in the hoop. I haven't tried to press it. I thought of it and then realised...oh. Steam = water. Not a good idea.

The water soluble I am using this time is the one from Art Van Go. I need to look it up on their site, but to be honest, I think it is also the same as from the other 2 vendors. No noticeable difference in the sewing anyway. Now to get the mathematical gentlemen in my house to tell me which is the best price. Without having worked it out, I am drawn to getting it from Empress Mills just because it is sold as yardage on a roll.

I love the texture in this one. I fiddled with my machine a bit and got it to run 3 threads at a time. That way you can give a more realistic colour because you are using three shades. and in this case, one of the threads was variegated, so that helped even more to keep from having the tree look flat. When you look at trees in real life, the are never all one colour. There are highlights and shadows as well as variations in greens depending on new or old leaves.

My previous Pfaff had two horizontal thread holders and on optional vertical holder. This has one horizontal and one vertical. But I put two threads on a thread stand. Here is a photo of the thread stand I took some time back.
I created an extra thread guide by putting the thread through the slot on this disk and slipping it onto the horizontal holder.
I tried it with a thread on the holder and this set up, but there were problems with the thread twisting round the stick bit between the reel and this disk.
I was very pleased that there were only one or two times that a thread shredded.


karen said...

I love the Pfaff machines. We had them at UNI and I always enjoyed playing with the FME you have done here...

Maggi said...

Lovely. It should flatten out when you block it after washing out the soluble.