Tuesday, 3 February 2015

More problem solving

The white - crayon for those who wondered - worked well. Slight problem in close sections and the black lines got a bit of white.

So, I thought...hmmm. The iron is too big to melt it away, but a soldering iron would be just right.

Here is a test on a sample...I intentionally drew white onto the black.

Then used the Margaret Beal soldering iron because it is bent, so I could use the back of the curve. Also because it doesn't get as hot as my other soldering iron.

And there we are...Gone!
So I carried on and did a bit of tidy up on all the black lines which brought them back to being crisp.

And then, after quite a bit of tearing of hair over trying to photograph this (even with the white knocking the busyness back, the camera finds it very difficult to focus well) the entry goes on its way.
I should hear sometime in April.

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Maggi said...

Good luck with the entry. I look forward to seeing the full piece.