Saturday, 21 February 2015

A random sock post

Okay, here is another story for you.
Quite a few years ago, I had a favourite pair of socks (because they were black with turquoise).

Then one day - possibly after the Thoughtful Man was doing the washing and I was ill or away - I could only find one. No one had any idea what could have happened to it. And unlike when they ask me, they couldn't offer any suggestions or possibilities.

Since they were my favourite pair of socks (because they were black with turquoise), I kept the found sock on the top of the drawer set in the bedroom for some time.
At some point, our washing machine died and we got a new one. I got The Thoughtful Man to look in the trap...just in case the washing machine had eaten it. To no avail.

Eventually, still hoping against hope that I would find the other since they were my favourite pair of socks (because they were black with turquoise). I put them in a drawer.

Fast forward to preparation for the Pancake night on Tuesday. I am looking for the white lace tablecloth that makes using a single sheet for a tablecloth look fairly posh(when the dining room table is extended fully). Not where it should be, in the chest of drawers that serves as tablecloth and dish towel storage in the dining room.

Perhaps it is in the airing cupboard. Sometimes I dry it there as it is so fine it does no good in the tumble dryer. No lace tablecloth.

However...under a pile of towels at the back...

The other half of my favourite pair of socks (because they are black with turquoise)!

So I wore them yesterday...and then wished I hadn't because they are better for warmer weather. But still...

To be honest, when you wear them, you can't see the turquoise because it is under your foot, and the top bit is under your trouser leg.

Oh, I never found the lace tablecloth. I had to use the smaller cream coloured one for when the table is small.

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Maggi said...

Bet you are still wondering how it got there!