Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Stitched Trees - 1

If you were around on this blog in September 2013, you had the joy of me filling space with photos of trees around this area. I love trees.

I spent my teen years in 'the back woods'. My sister and I earned money for our further education by working with my dad to clear wood from the grown over areas of our land. These trees were not the big beautiful ones, but young growth. But because the land had not been worked for some years before we went there, many of the 'young growth' trees were only just small enough to put your arms around. (well, a girl's arms.) Being in the woods all day throughout the summers was a wonderful thing, even though it was hard work. (VERY Hard Work!)

We cut the wood into 4 foot lengths loaded it onto an old trailer sort of thing, hauled it back to the area by the house and stacked it. 'Cord Wood' 4ft deep 4ft high and 8ft long. (I was going to link to a photo, but the only ones I found were of split wood.) Then sold the wood to the paper mill...a good portion of that went to pay the driver who brought his truck to collect the wood. So, it was a lot of work and effort, and not much for a result financially.

We also cut birch trees, that were also taking over, and sold that to older people who couldn't cut their own wood. THAT had to be cut in firewood lengths and sometimes split as well!

But I digress...

So, I love trees. While I was doodling the other day, I was sifting through the ideas of what I might do next. I have signed up to the Journal Quilt project again. This year the size is 12x6 in. You must state at the beginning horizontal or portrait. I have chosen portrait.

I had been thinking about shapes, which is why the doodle started with them. But also, when I am in a meeting or something, I do tend to doodle trees or bushes. So, why not trees for journal quilts. I am thinking about looking at 'real' tree shapes and abstracting them somewhat.

I want to do an experiment with cold water soluble fabric. So I can do this first tree on the water soluble.
Pencil drawing of leafy part of tree shape onto the water soluble fabric. wrapped hoop. I laid this onto white foam core so the drawing was more visible.

This blog post was getting long, so I will talk about the experiment and other things as I go along this week.

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