Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Stitched Trees - 7 - Tree in a Forest

Today I finished sewing the binding on. And the tree tacked down through the centre area.
And here we are with Tree in a Forest.
The edges and binding are a bit wonky. Somehow I struggled to get the corners right this time. But the background for this one is about having a place for the tree idea. A sample, if you will. I have to make a note that if I am doing single fold binding wrapped to the back, it needs to be 7cm if I am going to stitch 1cm from the edge. Not 5cm or even 6cm(which I tried this time). It doesn't wrap round properly. OR if I do cut it a smaller width, then I have to have a narrower binding or use it like a double-fold binding.

Initially I said I was going to trim this and use it for a journal quilt as well. But, No. Too much work in it!

So, now that I have this one under my belt it is time to do another for the first tree journal quilt. (12in height x6in width). I am looking forward to the drawing part.

I was having a conversation with one of my friends, Helen, who lives up north and I see rarely at a show. We were talking about how we actually love the 'drawing with the machine' part. So, we made a deal to do more of it. Sometimes life gets too much in the way. and/or you get involved with other things. But something has to be said about taking time to do the type of work you really enjoy.

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Maggi said...

Lovely finished result. Have you considered fused bindings join your small quilts - it does eliminate any bulk. The other way I get a narrow binding is to trim the seam to 1/8th inch after sewing and before turning.