Thursday, 23 October 2014

and more blouses

These three sleeveless blouses are made up the same. When I was making them, I mentioned that they will replace 3 Ready-to-Wear blouses that have been favourites and have become a bit worn and faded. I found the spotted fabric last September at Remnant House in Harrogate.
The spots are interesting as they are actually thinner than the surrounding they have been etched with some solution.

I did consider cap sleeves, but when I bought the fabric I was thinking of a sleeveless blouse. Perhaps if the fabric was wider there might have been enough.
I think if I make more sleeveless blouses, I will adjust the front armscye a bit for more bra coverage security. Not too bad really, but I will probably wear a black bra with these instead of white which tends to draw more attention if it is showing.

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Gabrielle Stanley said...

That light blue/turquoise is really a great colour on you.