Wednesday, 22 October 2014

On to the blouses

This blouse I love! I have had the fabric for a Very Long time. Okay, not as long as the blue batik print. I just went to look for photos I took at the exhibition where I bought the fabric. It was March 2009! It has a pink and greyish blue coral print.

I really liked what I did with the recent stripe blouse with white contrast collar, cuffs and button stand. So I thought I would do it with this fabric as well. It gives a crisp look to a fabric that might over whelm.

I didn't have enough for long sleeves, but I was focussing on warm weather blouses anyway. So, I made up an interestingly shaped cuff for the short sleeves. Can you see that it has an angled edge like the collar? Both ends of the cuff are pointed the same. I stitched 2 matching buttons on either side of the cuff ends rather than overlapping them. It makes them stand out. Okay, a bit of a lump when worn under a cardy, but if someone wants to know about it, I can take said cardy off and show off the cuff design!

I really like it! (Oh, yeah. I said that.) I wore it on Sunday since the October temps have been a bit warmer than they usually are. I usually tuck blouses in with a skirt, but left it out for the photo to show the length.
It has quite a bit of ease, like yesterday's dress, but as a blouse that works. It will make it a bit cooler to wear in the summer with jeans and blouses nicely at the waist when worn with a skirt.

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