Tuesday, 21 October 2014

and then another dress

This was a princess line dress using the pattern I drafted for this dress some time ago. I made it up for the Fabric Stash contest, but ran out of energy to do the buttons/buttonholes. It was complete soon after though.

I wanted something with a similar fun look. I thought I would improve things, so cut it with a bit more ease. However, it feels a bit too big! (Looking for a 3 bears dress?) But being princess line rather than a sheath dress, there are options for taking it in a bit more at the seam lines...which is where I had cut it larger in the first place.

The other thing I am not happy about is the length. (are we picky or what?!) I will have to see what it is like when I am sitting in it. The dress I linked to above is just a wee bit too short when I sit, so I lengthened this one. But I also added a little more flare to this one as well, so I think that might take care of the problem of riding up when I sit.

Still it is a fun dress, and after I take a couple inches off, it will probably become a favourite as well.

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