Monday, 13 October 2014

Harvest 2014

Yesterday was our Harvest celebration. I have the pleasure of arranging all the beautiful fruit, veg and breads on the front table.
I think it is wonderful how all the different shades and colours come together and make a glorious display.

Another angle.

The Thoughtful Man got me a new bread machine just over a week ago because mine was struggling. And I could never guess if the bread would work this time or not because it needed more water than the recipe called for.

The new machine is brilliant and has a variety of levels for different types of flour. So, instead of buying breads for the table this year, I made them! Oat Bread, Spelt Bread, 8 Grain Bread, Rye Bread, and French Bread Sticks. They were lovely with the meal afterwards and must have been popular because I shared them out for people to take home. And today have had to make another loaf so the men in my house have something for their lunches.

So, I used the 8 Grain Flour to make the 5 Seed Bread recipe. With a backdrop of the Pumpkins from The Thoughtful Man's allotment. I used some of them in the display.

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