Friday, 10 October 2014

K+S 2014

On Wednesday I went to the Knitting and Stitching show with my friend. It was a Very Long Day. But worth it. I made some really good connections. And because not everyone had realised the show was to be 5 days this year...Wed-Sun rather than meant you could actually get into some of the stands which are usually packed. I got right into Art Van Go and looked everything. I actually had a full loyalty voucher, so that was good. Also bead stands which are so difficult to get into properly without a lot of "excuse me's", had plenty of room by the time I got to the vendors.

This was just one of my discoveries because there was room to look. Buttons!
Now I don't have to make do for the stripe dress. When I get to it, I can use the large white and large blue buttons for some other things I have in mind.

The galleries were amazing as usual. I got a few photos where you were allowed but some I forgot to take note of the group.

These two from Prism caught my eye.
Celia Stanley

Tansy Blaik-Kelly

And these I can't seem to recall the group or the name of the artist. If you know it, can you let me know and I will add it here?

I loved the draping and the sheen of the silk in this piece. (I think it was silk!)

And the graphics of this one.

Sorry to be so vague about these. By that time I was in quite a lot of pain...and then yesterday had a migraine. So, even in looking through the catalogues, I have lost those memories in a gap someplace in my brain!

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