Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bead project advice please

The other day, my friend Gabrielle loaned me her bead loom.

I have got to the point that I am thinking of doing some 'yardage' with beads. I wanted to have a go with a bead loom before I go and buy one. I just want to see how I get on. So, Gabrielle said she had one I could borrow.

The bead items I have been making will be unique embellishments for wearable art. I am thinking that sometimes I might want trim for gowns as well. So, when I was at the knitting and stitching show, I asked questions and picked up instructions for a few types of braid from the Braid Society. And also some how to leaflets about basic beading stitches from the Bead Guild. Some of the things I do with beads 'might' be proper stitches with names, but I wouldn't know as I don't know the terminology. And there just might be things I am doing which could be done in an easier manner.

So, I am thinking of trying a different braid or beaded trim or something each month next year. I haven't decided the plan.

Actually, I could use some advice or comments on this one. I still aim to do a daily project. I have some little bits of fabric I have been playing with for the 'every other month fabric bead item'. So, I am set there. I also have a list of possible unusual items to bead onto for the in-between months.

However, I still have this yardage idea. The advice I could use is the organisation side of things. I will do much better at it if I set a certain amount/length to be achieved each day or week.

1-Would it be best to do so much per day? Otherwise, I can see myself frantically catching up on the Saturday.

2-Should I do a certain amount one day a week. like Weave on Wednesday (well, it won't be all weaving, but it works for a name). Is 4 times a month enough to learn a particular technique?

3-If it is per day - how much is a reasonable amount? 1 inch? 5inches? so many centimetres?

4-If it is one day a week - how much time in that day? 1 or 2 hours? (some of the beaded rings were taking about 1/2 hour. The fabric beads are more like 10-15 minutes.)
3 or 4 hours--basically setting that day apart for the bead thing and fitting other projects into any remaining time.
or aim for a certain larger amount of inches? Keeping in mind the 'unbeading' which will be done while I get to grips with the technique.

5- Any other ideas?

I suppose it might be like the idea of knitting something for someone. I don't knit...those of you who do, do you have a plan about how much you hope to achieve in one sitting or one day/week? I crochet, but not on purpose. ! By that I mean, I just crochet while we watch telly a few hours on Sunday and perhaps a sewing or baking show in the week. Or when we visit my MIL. Then when I run out of that yarn, I stop. (I mainly do a large Granny Square. It is the one thing I do that I don't have to have a plan or a specific mindless activity.) And then I make something else with another cop or ball of yarn.

Anyway, leave me a comment or send me an email if you have any advice or opinions about this idea of beading trim or yardage. I am coming up to my 1600th blog post. This is number 1594. (I passed 6 years earlier this month.)
I will keep track of the advice comments and there might be some reward. (I haven't worked out the plan for advice comments yet. It has only just come to mind.)

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deanna7trees said...

my comment went the way of the wind.....learn how to use this loom ( i have one) and see how it goes before you set any time limits for yourself. this is a slow process and everyone works at a different speed.